Top 5 Smartphone 2017

top 5 Smartphone 2017
Top 5

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iPhone X

Before and In this year lot of Flagship smartphone has launched and will be launching soon. The month of September Launching Most Awaited Smartphone which is apple iPhone 7s/7s+ or 8/8+. FAN will be more excited to know what features are coming. After a lot of mobile research to the month of August, I have released a top 5 smartphone 2017 list for you.


I have noticed some points like :
Speed Performance, Camera, Battery Life, Sensor, User interface

Top 5 Smartphone 2017

Let’s Start Discuss of  Top 5 Smartphone 2017


The best-looking phone around crushes it in performance, battery life, water-resistance and wireless charging. A tall, narrow shape that fits snugly in my palm and curved sides that scream classy. And the screen 5.8 inches of colorful gorgeousness with a display that stretches from edge to edge with just a whisper of a bezel.

The biggest drawback can be that finger print is on the back just beside the camera which doesn’t look good and react slowly as compared to others. No. 1 on TOP 5 Smartphone 2017 List.

Top 5 smartphone 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ – Specifications

  • Ram & Storage : 4 & 6 GB | 64 & 128 GB
  • Display : 5.8/6.2 (1440 x 2960)
  • Processor: 2.3 GHz, OctaCore
  • Operating System: Android
  • Primary Camera: 12 MP
  • Front Camera: 8 MP
  • Battery: 3000/3500 mAH
  • Soc: Exynos 8895
  • Price: ₹64900

Buy Now : Amazon Flipkart


2. APPLE iPhone 7/7S

No. 2 on Top 5 Smartphone 2017 List. The iPhone 7 Plus is a very good premium phone for apple users and it’s really improved than the previous iPhone 6 and 6s etc.This iPhone 7 plus has a sleek design and very good processor and wonderful display but the camera didn’t impress me. Sony is better in everything. but it’s sound quality is very nice as Sony and iPhone 7 plus finally has the 4k display which Sony launched in 2014-15.But overall I would say iPhone 7 plus is one of the best phones in the world and it works in iOS which makes this phone very different than Android.


top 5 samrtphone 2017 apple iphone 7 plusApple iPhone 7 Plus – Specifications

  • Ram & Storage : 3 GB | 32 & 128 & 256 GB
  • Display : 5.5 (1080 x 1920)
  • Processor: Quad Core
  • Operating System: iOS
  • Primary Camera : 12 & 12 MP
  • Front Camera: 7 MP
  • Battery: 2900 mAH
  • Soc: A10 Fusion
  • Price: ₹68,690

Buy Now: Amazon Flipkart




The Google Pixel availability remains scarce. We’ll tell you how to get one, judge its Daydream VR features and talk Android 7.1.2 and Android O in our updated review.The Google Pixel XL, along with the Google Pixel, is the first phone ‘made[almos[almost entirely]ogle’, and it’s the best way to experience the latest and greatest that Android software has to offer.It puts the immense power of Google search behind everything you do with the all-new Google Assistant, a context-understanding AI that’s often smarter than Siri and Cortana. and also no. 3 on Top 5 Smartphone 2017 list.

top 5 samrtphone 2017 Google Pixel

Google Pixel XL – Specifications

  • Ram & Storage: 4 GB | 32 & 128 GB
  • Display: 5.5 (2560 x 1440)
  • Processor: 2.15 GHz, Quad
  • Operating System: Android
  • Primary Camera: 12 MP
  • Front Camera: 8 MP
  • Battery: 3450 mAH
  • Soc Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
  • Price: ₹63,000

Buy Now: Amazon Flipkart




4. LG G6

LG G6 scores better than it closest Peer on its Durability factor.It has a flat front and with slightly raised corners for a better impact.Another feature added is the fingerprint scanner/power button replacement. and most difficult to choose Under in TOP 5 Smartphone 2017 List.

The screen looks is more pleasing and beautiful for display.It has a mature design, advanced camera, and fantastic audio.

The sheer appeal of the display and the leader in performance gives it a tough competition to its peers in the same segment.

top 5 samrtphone 2017 LG G6

LG G6 – Specifications

  • Ram & Storage : 4 GB | 32 & 64 GB
  • Display : 5.7 (1440 x 2880)
  • Processor: 2.35 GHz, Quad
  • Operating System: Android
  • Primary Camera : 13 & 13 MP
  • Front Camera: 5 MP
  • Battery: 3300 mAH
  • Soc: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
  • Price: ₹40,600

Buy Now: Amazon Flipkart





The is amazing to ENTER in TOP 5 Smartphone 2017 List. The OnePlus 5 is without a doubt the fastest Android smartphone on the market today. And best android phone I have seen with all the superb features. The Ram, Internal Memory, Processor, Camera all features are best than any other phone. The OnePlus 5 is 4G network supported with CDMA and GSM both sim. The customer service of this phone is best. You get an instant answer to your problems.

top 5 samrtphone 2017

ONE PLUS 5 Specifications

  • Ram & Storage : 6 & 8 GB | 64 & 128 GB
  • Display : 5.5 (1080 x 2080)
  • Processor: 2.5 GHz, Quad
  • Operating System: Android
  • Primary Camera : 20 & 16 MP
  • Front Camera: 16 MP
  • Battery: 3300 mAH
  • Soc: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • Price: ₹37,999.00

Available At: Amazon



Thank You For Look Our TOP 5 Smartphone 2017 List. Comment Below What is Your First Choice Flagship Smartphone?

Comment Below What is Your First Choice Flagship Smartphone?

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